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Pediatric Chiropractic at Boyce Chiropractic

Focus On Prevention

Little boy with his dogAt Boyce Chiropractic, we treat kids from infants up through their teenage years. We love the opportunity to help kids start off with a healthy nervous system and musculoskeletal system, and keep that for life. We focus on prevention, rather than waiting for something to go wrong.

Of course, often people don’t think of chiropractic care until something does go wrong, and many of our pediatric patients initially came to us when their parents sought care for their colic, ear infections or acid reflux. But when we educate moms and dads about how chiropractic can help their kids grow and develop optimally, they’re excited about continuing with chiropractic care for maintenance.

We explain it this way: you don’t wait until your teeth fall out to go to the dentist, so you shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before you see a chiropractor. Kids respond extremely well to chiropractic care, so it’s easy to help set them up for a lifetime of great health.

Our Approach

We use a very light adjustment technique for kids, with just the pressure of a finger. It’s very gentle and kids typically enjoy getting adjusted. Our practice is geared towards families, and we are great at putting nervous kids at ease. We have toys, cartoons and stickers, and we let the child set the tone. They can choose their adjusting table, Mom or Dad (or both) can hold their hand, and we will joke and play with them to help them feel comfortable if they’re nervous at first.

Success Stories

Because kids respond so well to chiropractic care, we have countless success stories. One thing we see fairly frequently is kids with recurrent ear infections whose pediatrician suggested tubes. Parents often bring their child to us as a last resort to avoid surgery. Chiropractic adjustments are very effective for ear infections, and will often clear up the problem for good, and no surgery will be needed.

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We look forward to helping your child set the foundation for great health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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